About Us

After graduating from the Sutton Institute for Preventative Medicine, Helen began practicing alternative health care at the Centre for Healthy Living which she founded in 1999. This was a teaching centre focussed on dis-ease prevention (healing arts), nutrition, and homeopathic drainage. With Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet (BTD) as her nutritional specialty, Helen conducted tours in two provinces and presented numerous Eat Right seminars spanning more than a decade. She created CDs with menu planners and recipe packages plus teaching manuals to coach nutritionists destined to become BTD specialists. Given her passion for cooking healthy food, Helen also held Cook Right classes and her blood-type specific recipe collection eventually was published as a cook book.


With a talent for teaching, Helen enjoyed the flow of people who signed up for one series after another: liver detoxification; colon cleansing; women’s hormonal health; and eventually live green smoothie demonstrations. Her effort to raise awareness of the value of eating raw food, particularly blended green drinks, was the missing link not only for women with hormonal imbalances but also for anyone with inflammatory or immune-suppressive conditions. Helen not only perfected dozens of green smoothie recipes but she gained a faithful following of smoothie makers who invested in her high-speed blenders.


Looking back, Helen appreciates having chosen Iridology and Sclerology as her main assessment tools. The bar was raised in 2011 when she upgraded her camera equipment to be able to obtain research-quality images of both the iris and sclera. With the benefit of being able to easily schedule photo re-takes, Helen can more closely follow a person’s progress and guide them appropriately. The initial set of 20 photos reveals what’s going on in the various organs and glands simultaneously, and as healing takes place following Helen’s recommendations, the red lines in the sclera lighten or fade away verifying the healing.


Dowsing, which is an energetic form of testing, goes hand in hand with the Eyology assessment. Knowing how much congestion is adversely affecting specific organs is one thing; however, the plan of action to coordinate and pace the healing in a well-laid out program requires accuracy in selecting the right products and knowing how much to take. By dowsing with a pendulum using charts, Helen could easily identify priority body systems that are linked to nutritional deficiencies and symptoms or diagnosis. Equally important to getting a proper assessment is having access to a professional line of pharmaceutical grade quality assurance-tested remedies and supplements. The Centre for Healthy Living carries only the best products, at affordable prices, and each purchase comes with full instruction.


Helen has been using Gemmotherapy and Unda Number remedies for 20 years having studied under the best teachers including European physicians and North American naturopathic doctors.

It comes as no surprise to people who are familiar with these well-known “drainage remedies” that when Helen learned about the newly established Biotherapeutic Drainage certification program, in 2015, that she would choose to climb onboard and begin taking the required courses with different teachers. She recently completed the curriculum and hopes to take her exam later this year to become one of few Biotherapeutic drainage specialists in this field.


Her medical writing background plus years of consumer health rights advocacy account for the high regard Helen places on encouraging people to take charge of their own health. This includes educating clients to read labels on household and body care products and avoid pesticides, herbicides and fluoridation. Even though the unda drainage remedies remove intercellular toxicity which allows eliminative organs to “normalize”, the increased use of glysophate in Round Up – classified as a carcinogenic by the WHO – has created a nearly insurmountable challenge. More foods other than the known GMO foods are now being sprayed at harvest time. As a result, Helen offers assistance to source “safe” foods and provides information as to which foods to avoid.

Helen’s newest venture with Pure Genomics involves analyzing 32 DNA SNPs  (SNPs refer to “flaws” in the human genome) that were chosen because they are relevant, have been scientifically studied, and can be addressed nutritionally. For Helen, this endeavour has a feeling of having come full circle since meeting Dr. Peter D’Adamo in 1998. Back then, D’Adamo discussed the correlation between blood group, secretor status (immune type) and health predisposition stating that the location of the ABO gene which determines your blood group is in close proximity to other genes which affect health outcomes. An example would be Type Os who experience mood swings due to dopamine imbalances or Type As with heart disease related to high homocysteine levels.


When lab results come in, the first bit of information shared with the client is their secretor status. For non-secretors (20% of the population) the diet is more restrictive and certain health conditions such as candida infections, fibromyalgia, or irritable bowel occur more often. Other valuable information which comes to light through the genetic testing is identifying which vitamins are not being fully utilized by the body due to SNPs which block their conversion. Also identified for problem-solving is one’s ability to methylate (repair/reproduce the body’s cells), detoxify, maintain normal weight, metabolize glucose, and much more. Helen is proud to be a part of the Pure Genomics team and happy to be able to offer specially designed products which address SNPs.


Helen believes this is an exciting time to be invested in the natural health revolution when people are more educated and drawn in to want to explore alternative medicine because they witnessed their own or another’s health being restored without drugs or surgery. “By bridging the blood type profile with an individual’s DNA analysis coupled with the Eyology assessment findings, one gets a very clear picture of a person’s makeup and potential.” Helen is dedicated to continue making a difference in people’s lives by working with them in a partnership built on trust and using proven therapies.